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We Believe That Simplicity Is Best – It Is What Creates Structure, Order, Protocols, Efficient Techniques And Clinical Success.

Theory And Hands-on Education

Using science based theory and anecdotal techniques to further the predictability, Andrew has travelled the world with a post-graduate experience of over 20 years. Why is this relevant? I have had the opportunity to see what works and what does not in my hands, I have recall cases of up to 15 years – feeling privileged to have loyal patients who have stayed with me in practice for over a decade so we can track the progress of the techniques employed on the course. As such, Techniques and procedures are never static – they are dynamic, it is the philosophy I believe in and it is the one I teach – this is why we have professional colleagues give the feedback we get…

2-day Courses With Full Materials Provided

The best way to become competent and confident with technical procedures is to do it – in a fully supportive learning environment of small number we provide tuition, gibing you personalised feedback at every stage – it is what makes Indigodent unique – theory and hands on over 2 extended days of teaching, follow up communication and personalised theory material provided – we have total independence, even when product support is with the dental trade – we never endorse or promote a product or service without legitimate use and benefit in our hands.


The mission is simple – to provide quality, personalised education in order to promote UK dentistry, empower dental clinicians and improve the standard of dental care in the UK.


IndigoDent will ensure competence and confidence is vastly improved in the subject matter being taught – Whilst we cannot eliminate failure, we will seek to reduce this for delegates and improve efficiency, predictability and longevity. The key to this is to provide patient centred information to enable these goals to convert to clinical success.


Composite Simplicity

A Dynamic and Intensive 2-day Hands on course focusing on detailed principals of anterior and posterior composite restorations. Never over promising on what we will cover – you will never have had detail like this on a composite course.


Direct Management Of Tooth Surface Loss

Tooth Surface Loss is a prevalent issue – How is it diagnosed, assessed, treated and followed up? – How can we preserve tooth tissue when treating such cases? How do you diagnose colossal disease and how is it treated? This 2-day intensive hand-on course uses science-based theory and outcome to give you answers to these questions.

The Photography Course

Clinical photography is fast becoming an essential skill. This is not only used for effective communication but in many dento-legal cases it is becoming essential. This 2-day theory and practical course will take you from basic fundamentals to creative dental photographic capture – An essential skill


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