Composite Simplicity

The Composite Course

Composite Simplicity

Quite simply, the most in-depth upscaling composite course for General Practice. This course has been running for over 12 years and has evolved to cater for obtaining basic as well as advanced skills in resin artistry.

Starting from the basics and rapidly progressing to advanced techniques and considerations this course will elevate your knowledge of direct composite used in the anterior and posterior dentition to a point where you will be able to tackle cases with a more systematic and logical mindset. This course consists of 1 detailed anterior restoration and 2 detailed posterior restorations conducted in a hands on environment.

This course is designed for all clinicians and is a testament to hundreds that have taken the program over the last 10 years be they general practitioners, registered specialists, therapists and hospital consultants.

Topics Covered

  • Day One
  • Day Two

Day One

Anterior Composite Simplicity

  • Introduction to Anterior Diagnosis and Terminology
  • Aims and Objectives of the course
  • Criteria for Success + Common Difficulties
  • Principles of Isolation
  • Removal of Biofilm
  • Preparation and Bonding
  • Use of Equipment: Photography, Sculpting Resins, Composite heaters
  • Shade - Theory and Practical Methodology for clinical consistency
  • Translucency and Layering
  • Morphology - Age related as well as Research based classifications
  • Opalescence, Intensives and Characterisations
  • Functional adaption of anterior composite restorations
  • Full Restoration Protocol - Diagnostically driven
  • Proximal Wall Construction - Various Methodologies
  • The art of finishing anterior restorations - Step-by -step
  • Achieving a lasting polish on anterior restorations
  • Follow Up, Maintenance and Review
  • All theories are then put into practice in a hands on exercise for Class IV in absolute detail

Day Two

Posterior Composite Simplcity

  • Introduction to Posterior Teeth and Terminology
  • Aims and Objectives - Factors to consider
  • Evidence based statistics for posterior direct restorations
  • Common difficulties
  • Principles of Isolation
  • Preparation deign and line angle stresses
  • Etching and Bonding selection
  • Light curing
  • Use of Equipment: Magnification, Sculpting Resins, Composite heaters
  • Pre-Operative assessment criteria
  • Matrix systems described in detail
  • Full Restoration Protocol
  • Incremental layering
  • Deep Marginal Elevation and Use of bulk fill composites
  • Occlusal Morphology and Contact Points
  • Finishing and Polishing Techniques - Removal of Oxygen Inhibition Layer
  • Follow Up, Maintenance and Review
  • All theories are then put into practice in a hands on exercise with
  • Class I and Class II restorations conducted in hands on environment and demonstrations on accessory cusp provision


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