The Anterior Composite Course

Course Tutor: Dr Andrew Chandrapal

Over the last decade Composite Simplicity – the 2 day anterior & posterior course has taught hundreds of dentists all of the UK and further afield. Andrew made a commitment to all delegates to provide full support during and after their courses attendance. So, I listened to all of the feedback and have designed this intensive 2-day course devoted solely to Anterior Composite Restorations.

This 2-day course has all the aspects of Composite Simplicity but with lots more demonstration and hands on – I feel that the best way to learn is to practice the techniques using the best materials and then get individual feedback. This has always been the way and I’ve have kept this group to be in limited numbers so you can get the best out of the experience.


Topics Covered

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  • Core of knowledge update on Isolation
  • Latest thoughts of bonding techniques
  • Fundamentals of Anterior Morphology - Essential for scultping and finishing restorations
  • Principals, of Anterior Guidance and how to avoid functional failures
  • Diagonstic assessment using Photography and Observation - What to look out for
  • Shade taking Skills update
  • The Direct Composite Veneer - Indications, Techniques and Design and Practical Hands-On
  • Diastema Closure Practical Hands-On
  • Effective layering - Routine Vs Complex
  • Primary Finishing Techniques


  • Matrix Systems Update - applicable to different clinical scenarios
  • Management of the Peg Lateral: Practical Hands-On
  • The Class IV Restoration - Complex Vs Simple: Practical Hands-On
  • Smile Enhancements using Composite Resin - The reality of the technique and how to succeed
  • Finishing and Polishing - The most detailed and comprehensive method you will ever do
  • Consent and Recall Validation
  • Effective Communication and Treatment staging
  • Troubleshooting Solutions

1-2 October 2021

Precision Academy, 84 Miller St, Glasgow G1 1DT


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15-16 October 2021

Hilton Paddington, London


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