The Posterior Composite Course

This course is a vast expansion from Composite Simplicity and aims to tackle all scenarios that we are faced with when using composite resin in the posterior dentition. Learn how to perform advanced posterior direct restorations in non ideal scenarios such as deep marginal elevation cases. Learn how to use different matrix systems for such  purpose, what materials are best and how to use them. Learn how to conduct composite onlays with ease and how morphology, layering and bonding all come together to form restorations you never thought possible with composite resin. This 2 day course has a heavy hands on component to it and will also go through occlusal considerations and how to treat non ideal occlusal schemes.

Topics Covered

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  • Posterior Morphology in Detail - Essential for functional integration
  • Isolation Update - Hands on tips and tricks
  • Bonding Update
  • Layering in the posterior dentition - Zero sensitivity and predictable outcomes
  • Use of bulk fills
  • The Class I & II Cavities - Hands on Start to Finish


  • Deep Marginal Elevation - Evidence, materials, isolation and hands on
  • Accessory cusp restorations
  • Direct Onlays
  • Finishing and Polishing posterior restorations
  • Characterisation and additional anatomical features
  • Troubleshooting Solutions

8-9 September 2023

Our Place, Unit 1, Windrose Point, Pynnacles Close, Stanmore, HA7 4AG


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