The Toothwear & Mastering Treatment Planning Course – A Unique 3 Day Course


Course Tutor: Dr Andrew Chandrapal

Toothwear is a vast subject that encompasses an array of different subjects and approaches.
This course has been designed to inform, educate and tackle the clinical, psychological,
biological and technical aspects of managing tooth wear effectively and efficiently – perhaps
most importantly in a predictable and low-risk manner.

This course runs over three days and includes substantial reading material as well as an
intensive theory element on the first day. This initial day runs for 10 hours and will cover many
aspects of managing tooth wear beginning with the psychological aspects for approach and
communication. This follows through to viewing management as an aspect of risk and
constructing a risk profile for your patient leading to diagnosis and suitable management that
is evidence based and thus fully supported.

The second day compromises of putting the theory into proactive using some of the most
advanced toothwear models available to recreate clinical scenarios and simulating the clinical
management using composite resin. The same principles can be applied to composite resin
or indirect materials however the theory and detail will be the same. This course is for those
who have experience of advanced composite resin as well as those who wish to treat wear
cases succinctly and safely. A paradigm shift in management, this course whilst being very
intense will provide the building blocks required to safely and predictably treat such cases.

The unique intensive third day of the course covers all facets of patient management from initial consultation, aetiology and diagnosis through to delivering the treatment plan as well as execution involving composite resin. This course has received wide acclaim with the introduction of the day 3 in terms of bringing all treatment planning aspects and risk assessments together to ensure you have confidence in applying theory and practical elements into your general practice. This whole course is based around risk assessment and prognostic value. You will be fully immersed into this ideology that is based on science and practical tips  – Nothing is held back from the comprehensive course with a course manual that will keep you going for months on end!


  • Psychological treatment approaches – “The Sway” and Management of the Patient
  • Tooth wear epidemiology
  • Current Trends and Definitions
  • Current monitoring modes of TSL


Risk Assessments:

  • Dento-legal implications, Communication,
  • Managing expectations and needs, Co-diagnosis
  • Introduction to Risk Based Classification
  • Clinical presentations – Common complaints
  • Modes of Tooth Wear
  • Phased management strategies and Diagnosis of occlusal disease
  • Case presentations with diagnostic opinions
  • De-programming therapy – Options and Methodologies
  • CR records using Bi-Manual/leaf Vs Lucia and Kois Deprogrammer


Practical Exercises

  • Demonstration and practical of Bi manual manipulation & Leaf Gauge
  • Demonstration and practical with Kois Deprogrammer


Hands-On Component

  • Anterior Build up based of functional wax up
  • Posterior quadrant direct overlay technique
  • Semi Direct Techniques – Not taught anywhere else in the UK!
  • Workflow digitally & analogue to full mouth rehabilitation using direct techniques


19-21 September 2024

Dawood & Tanner Academy, 45 Wimpole Street, London, WIG 8SB


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